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Get to know Tom George

Tell us a bit about yourself!

I have worked in the property industry for 10 years, starting my career with a corporate residential estate agency working in branches throughout Hampshire. After a successful 4 years I moved into Commercial agency working across all sectors before focusing on investment and development property for an independent firm.

What have your first three months been like?

The first three months have flown by, getting used to a new role and a new city at the same time has been challenging but exciting. I have already built good relationships with new agent contacts and continued to work with my existing connections on the South Coast. I have two deals currently in legals, a small existing A5 investment opportunity and a 3 acre option deal that we will work to get planning for a retail led scheme. I had worked with Harkalm for a several years on an agency basis prior to joining but having now landed with them it is incredible to see the vast range of properties we are acquiring, some that I would not of thought to put to them historically. For example, we are working closely with educational occupiers and are in the process of acquiring several vacant offices and former pub sites in London and home counites, to create a long term investment opportunity to retain within the portfolio.

What are you most looking forward to working with us?

I’m excited to see a development through from inception to practical completion. In previous agency roles, my involvement tended to cease at once the transaction completed. Now I will get an insight into the full development process and assist in managing the works all the way through to creating the end product. Understanding and overcoming the additional challenges in the planning and build process will strengthen my ability to appraise sites from the outset.

How do you feel about coming out of lockdown and heading back into the office?

Although I agree that homeworking has a place in todays ‘new world’, I am eager to get back into the office. We see a lot of opportunities and we need to make quick decisions, being able to bounce ideas of colleagues and benefit from their experiences is incredibly important and Is not feasible whilst working from home. Zoom meetings are great, especially as we acquire sites nationwide, it saves in travelling time, however I still believe there is nothing better than face to face meetings to build a relationship.

What do you like to do in your free time?

At the moment, I am still navigating my way round London visiting different areas and trying out new restaurants and bars. I love travelling, not that we have been able to escape recently, but hope to able to get away soon with the next stop planned for the Amalfi Coast.

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