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Asset Management

At Harkalm our experienced asset management team always have a plan for how to add value, whether that’s by adding a tenant to a vacant property, obtaining planning permission to develop the space or restructuring the lease to create added value.


This approach has allowed us to realise profits from properties at the peak of their market value as well as ensuring that our existing portfolio is constantly evaluated to guarantee maximum returns.

Recent Examples

Sale & Leaseback


North of England & Scotland

Acquired from the portfolio of the national convenience store operator McColl's.  We negotiated a large portfolio  of ten propertires located in the North of England and Scotland on the basis of a sale and lease back.


Sticking with our core principles of long term appreciating income we secured unbroken leases of 16.5 years with guaranteed rental increases of 2.5% pa compounded on review.

Lease Restructure 

Dignity Funeral


Acquired off market in 2018 we saw growth potential in either a lease renewal at a increased rent or development potential of the larger site.


Due to our ongoing and excellent relationship with the tenant, Dignity Funeral, we agreed to secure their position for the long term and signed a new 15 year lease with a rental increase of 60%. 


Côte Restaurants 



Acquired in 2017 we carried out an extensive refurbishment of this grade ll listed former Lloyd’s banking unit.

We completed a new long term letting to Côte 
Restaurants on the ground floor and sensitively created 2 flats overlooking the South Downs in the former ancillary upper parts. 


Caffè Nero


As part of a large portfolio of vacant bank acquisitions this building was acquired with high letting potential. Part of the new ‘leisure pitch’ of Nottingham we had a large number of restaurant operators looking at the unit.


Due to our excellent relationship and our confidence in the sector we elected to complete a 15 year letting to Caffè Nero. 




Drive-thru is one of the fastest growing sectors in the industry and Harkalm is working with all the major operators in the market.

Fareham Road, Gosport was acquired subject to planning from Gosport Borough Council.

We have worked extensively with planners to provide a drive-thru coffee scheme that works for the strategically important leisure park of Gosport and  Starbucks as operator.



Shaftesbury Avenue


Acquired off market in 2017 we immediately assessed the potential for rental increase on this central London building. The property had been in the same ownership for over 60 years and the units were significantly under-rented. 

We have already doubled the rent on 2 of the units and with Crossrail due to open in December 2019 the footfall will only increase, adding long term appreciation to this trophy asset.

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